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Mechs, Monsters, Spaceships, and Treasure Hunting.

Fearsome monsters, exotic creatures, unexplored lands, vast riches.

Two colony ships crash on an uncharted planet that is twice the size of Earth and that is covered almost entirely by water. One of the ships sustains a loss of 80% of crew and passengers while the other ship has a loss of 80% of usable supplies. Chaos…begin!!

What lies in store…

Colony Ship 1 (Earthcarrier) Key NPCs

Colony Ship 2 (Aurawalker) Key NPCs

Suit 1 (Stovepipe) Low Dmg/High Def – Low Mob/Low Man – High CCap/Low Slots

Suit 2 (Tech) Low Dmg/Mid Def – Low Mob/Mid Man – High CCap/Mid Slots

Suit 3 (Siren) Mid Dmg/Mid Def – Mid Mob/Mid Man – Mid CCap/Mid Slots

Suit 4 (Torrent) HIgh Dmg/ Mid Def – High Mob/Mid Man – Low CCap/Mid Slots

Suit 5 (Deadeye) High Dmg/Low Def – High Mob/High Man – Low CCap/High Slots

Main Page

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